Theres something about music…

February 5, 2006

Last weekend we took our little one for a violin recital. We were a bit apprehensive about our decision. I wasn’t even sure I was being sane. Till date we’ve mostly taken the young lady to social visits, malls, market etc. other than the usual kid’ place. Oh yes, we took her to a movie when she was about 4 months old. But, that deserves another blog altogether. So, this was different. And to top it all, in the whole excitement our sweet heart decided to skip her meal. Oh, by the way, our little one is all of 10 months.

As we parked the car, I kept wondering- What if the audience comprises of really serious music lovers? What if she starts howling? What if she suddenly gets hungry? Lots of ‘What ifs”.

As we settled down, I looked around and was relieved to see couple of more babies perched on their parents’ laps. Our princess was enjoying seeing so many people around and everything seemed to be going well. Finally they announced the start of the programme, the stage lit up and the lights were dimmed. Slowly the violinists started playing. To be on the safer side, we gave her a biscuit she could keep nibbling at and keep quite. I kept giving the young lady side glances. To my surprise the lil’un seemed to be enjoying herself and kept swaying forward backward. She would even break into a “Aa aa aah ha…” once in a while. She normally gets into “Aa aa aah ha…” mode if you play some music or sing to her, and she wants to sing-along. I was thrilled. Our chhotu kept at it without bothering about anyone, but it seemed she would get quite taken aback by people clapping when a piece would get over. We enjoyed the recital for about an hour. Then she started getting restless and I had to take her out. Playing outside in the garden with her, I felt quite happy with our decision to get her along.

There is surely something about music that even babies can recognise!


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