I know who is mamma and papa

February 11, 2006

Aru, our little princess is 10 months old. No! To be precise, it’s 10 months 3 weeks! Like all young parents, whenever we take her out, we keep pointing at things and calling out their names aloud.

“Aru, ‘CROWS’! CAW! CAW!” “Aru, F.L.O.W.E.R.” “Aru, go to PAPA!” “Aru wants to come to MAMMA?”

I’m sure if Aru understands anything, it must be driving her nuts. But, being the angel she is, she endures everything without fuss. Sweeto! But, that’s not all. We need to ensure she is learning, so anytime is “viva voce” time!

“Aru, where is F.L.O.W.E.R.” “Aru, where is the M.O.O.N?”

Aru diligently points at anything she thinks appropriate and goes on “da da da…”.

But, her best response has been to her dad’s favourite question- “Aru, where is Papa?”

Aru promptly looks up, points her finger to the ceiling and goes on “da da da…”. We’ve gone crazy trying to figure out whats on her mind!! So, every morning it was the same routine. But, one fine day Aru decided to quit playing games and have some mercy on her dear papa. Out of habit, sipping at my morning tea and trying to distract Aru from the newspaper she was trying to snatch, I asked the usual question. Aru turned towards her dad peering over a newspaper supplement, pointed towards him and went on “da da da…”. Dad was pleasantly suprised!! What a sweet surprise! Aru sat smiling. Mischievously. Or was it my imagination? I tried to test her and asked, “Aru, where is Mamma?” Aru pointed at me without batting her eyelid and went on “da da da…”.

It made me smile and a little sad. Our little game was over. Aru knew who is mamma and who is papa.


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