Snake in the house

February 22, 2006

Just now, that is, 10 minutes back we spotted a snake in our house. It was a tiny snake some 6-8 inches long with black and white horizontal stripes.

It was first spotted by our maid who was coming out of the bathroom. And it was right there sitting in front of the bathroom door. All coiled up. Naturally, she screamed for me! I ran to her and to make matters worse, lit all the lights. That probably scared the snake and it started slithering away. Though the snake was a tiny one, I couldn’t gather enough courage to throw it out. I stood on the road looking for help. Thankfully an elderly couple from the neighbourhood passed by and helped me by calling the security guards on duty. The guards didn’t look too sure of themselves before entering the house. However, on seeing the snake their confidence got a sudden boost up. By this time a good crowd had gathered near our house. I tried to reason with the security guards to just collect the snake and leave it at some far away place. But, nobody was ready to buy my arguments. The security guards killed it by crushing it’s head. The tail kept moving for a long time. Finally they collected it in a piece of cloth and carried it away. Somebody in the crowd remarked that it was a poisonous snake. Who knows?

I feel relieved and lucky for having spotted it.


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