Things that changed after I became a mom

June 29, 2006

As I look back at 15 months of mommyhood, it’s difficult to believe it’s been only 15 months. So much has changed. Some habits, some outlook, some beliefs, some likes, some dislikes!

Heres a list of things that mommyyhood changed about me-

  1. Wearing a watch has become a need
  2. I’ve stopped being careful with new clothes
  3. I’m more careful while driving
  4. I’ve become tremendously patient
  5. I’ve learnt to multi-task quite well. Still not THERE as yet. Still doing decently well 🙂
  6. I’ve become a light-sleeper
  7. I’ve become fat and actually look like a mom
  8. I’ve started liking jewellery
  9. Kids have started liking me
  10. Newspaper is all that I manage to read in the name of reading 😦
  11. My working hours have changed drastically

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