Mahishasura animation

July 27, 2006

Heres a rather cute animation of Mahishasura complaining about his getting killed by Durga year after year, in every Durga Pooja 🙂

I cannot claim this to be my find. The link was posted in our newsgroup long long back. I had shown it to Aru when she was around 8-9 months old. She completely ignored it. Last week I showed it to her again. She didn’t catch on to it immediately. I had to mimic the “Very Good. Very Good. Very Bad. Very Bad.” sequence again and again for her to start liking and enjoying it.

Now, she is hooked on to it 🙂


Myriad relation names

July 26, 2006

Around twentieth century, Indians mostly lived in what are called “joint families“. Joint families mostly consisted of multiple generations and multiple families with blood relations staying together. Family planning, as defined today, was non-existent. Women primarily played the role of homemaker and hence families generally consisted of numerous children. Large families required two individuals in a family to have a way of calling or referring to each other. This explains why in India we have names for so many relations!

I’ve listed down the relation names in Hindi, but I’m sure most of the Indian languages would have a synonym for all of these words, and may even have some additional relations defined.

I’d love to know how are things in other countries and cultures. Are there any other cultures with such variety of names for relations?

naanii, naanaa (नानी, नाना) – Grandmother and grandfather from the mother’s side, that is, mother’s mother and father

daadii, daadaa/baabaa (दादी, दादा/बाबा) – Grandmother and grandfather from the father’s side, that is, father’s mother and father

To refer to grand-grandparents, you prefixed ‘par’ (पर), for example-
parnaanii, parnaanaa (परनानी, परनाना) – Grand-grandmother and grand-grandfather from mother’s side

bahan, bhaaI (बहन, भाई) – brother, sister

diidii/jiijii, jiijaa (दीदी/जीजी, जीजा) – Elder sister and her husband

bhaiyyaa, bhaabhii (भैय्या, भाभी) – Elder brother and his wife

chaachaa, chaachii (चाचा, चाची) – Father’s younger brother and his wife

taayaa, taayii (ताया, तायी) – Father’s elder brother and his wife

buaa, phuuphaa (बुआ, फूफा) – Father’s sister and her husband

mausii, mausaa (मौसी, मौसा) – Mother’s sister and her husband

maamaa, maamii (मामा, मामी) – Mother’s brother and his wife

saasa, sasura (सास, ससुर) – Mother-in-law, Father-in-law. There are common terms for parent-in-laws, unlike other relations from the wife’s and husband’s side. Read ahead and you’d know why I say this.

saalii, saa.Dhuu/bahanoii (साली, साढ़ू/बहनोई) – – Wife’s sister and her husband

saalaa (साला) – Wife’s brother

nand, nandoyii (नन्द, नन्दोयी) – Husband’s sister and her husband

jeTha, jeThaanii (जेठ, जेठानी) – Husband’s elder brother and his wife. My hunch is that जेठ comes from jyeShTha (ज्येष्ठ), which means elder in Hindi.

dewar, dewaraanii (देवर, देवरानी) – Husband’s younger brother and his wife

If one is calling out to someone older, to show respect, these relations are many a times suffixed with jii (जी). So, you will say चाचाजी, बुआजी, भाभीजी etc.

However, with smaller and nuclear families becoming the norm these days, many of these relations are fast disappearing 😦

Blogspot accessible

July 24, 2006

Today was the first day I could access blogspot. Sometime in the middle of last week, the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) had asked the ISPs to stop blocking of said domains and instead block only specific sites. However, throughout the weekend I was unable to access blogspot directly. Things are proabably back to near normal. Near normal because, the ban on those sites, which were intended to be blocked in the first place, still continues.

Some questions still remain unanswered!!

How interesting!

July 23, 2006

As decided, I managed to completely move to WordPress over the weekend. Using the import option, I was able to import all my posts to WordPress.  However, there was a tiny problem. I noticed, that after the import, most of my posts had lost their formatting (bold, italic). As there weren’t many posts, I set out to update them all. Lo! There was one post that had all the formatting intact. And surprise surprise, this post was titled Survival Instinct <smiles> I’m sure it needs some investigation, but it sure freaked me out!

Hello, Wordpress :-) !!

July 22, 2006

After a lot of dilly-dallying, I’ve finally decided to move to WordPress. Over the weekend, I’ll move my earlier posts to WordPress and then get talking, or rather, start keying my random thoughts again 🙂