Sharing those captures moments

July 5, 2006

Often people invite you to view photographs clicked by them. You enthusiastically click on the link only to see dozens and dozens of photographs with auto-generated names like “DSC08933.jpg”, “IMG_0349.jpg”.

One really wouldn’t care about these auto-generated names if they were photographs celebrating natural beauty- myriad sunrises, sunsets, flowers, trees, beaches, mountains, butterflies. The pictures themselves speak and you don’t need explanations and titles for the photographs. Though a small comment on when and where the photograph was clicked is always welcome.

Then there are photographs clicked on a vacation. In their excitement, people liberally upload hundreds of photographs, without a single title or comment, and leave you to figure things out on your own. It’s quite frustrating! I mean, what do I make out of it. You think I’m a close enough friend so that you’d want to share your moments of joy with me, but you won’t take enough care to let me know what is it that you want me to appreciate. Recently a friend forwarded a link to his album. There were beautiful snaps of mosques, beautifully done walls with exquisite artwork, beautiful interiors. I was naturally curious to know where he had been, but the numerical names obviously did not reveal much. I just assumed the photographs were clicked some place in North India, may be Ajmer, or Agra, or Fatehpur. It turned out that they were actually clicked in Iran!

Digital cameras have infinitely reduced the time between clicking images and sharing them, but we still have to go far in sharing those captured moments.


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