Aru’s vocabulary

July 19, 2006

Today Aru turned 16 months old. These days in between her incessant babble, sometimes, she even drops a couple of words from your and my language too -) So, let’s see what constitutes her vocabulary these days…

Amma Grandmother. This was the first word Aru spoke.

Mamma That’s me! Surprisingly, sometimes she even calls me Mummy, though we’ve never used the reference ourselves.

Papa is ofcourse Papa. This is probably the most chanted word by Aru!

Kaa Crow. She has shortened “Kaak” to “Kaa”.

Phoo Flower. That’s derived from “Phool”, that is, flower in Hindi.

Aam Mango. This summer Aru fell in love with mangoes -) She did not like it instantly and it took me a while to develop her taste for mangoes. Mango slices, aam ras, 3-4 variety of mangoes- finally she fell for them. And then, there was no stopping her. She loved to eat mangoes with her own hands and we had to give her a bath after every mango eating session!!

Taana Gaana (Song)

naar Anaar (Pomegranate)

Isshh -) When Aru wants to go the loo, she wrinkles up her nose and goes on saying “Isshh”. She is semi potty trained. Most of the times she tells us if she has to go to the loo, however, if she is distracted then she comes running after she has done her job and wants us to change her pyjamas -)

chaan (Snaan, taking bath)

NaaNaa Kitten. Don’t ask me where this comes from! I’m still trying to figure out myself.

aafish Office. This is the latest addition to her vocab. During our evening walks, everytime Aru says ‘Papa’, I say “Papa is in Office”. You ask her- “Aru, papa kahan hain? (Where is Papa?)” Aru will promptly respond- “aafish” -)

Nahiiin This stands for boty yes and no -D Though, in hindi it would mean ‘no’.

Aamiya We still haven’t figured out what this means, but Aru uses this word often.


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