I’m not accident prone.

August 5, 2006

Yesterday I met with a minor road accident. Ever since I started driving to my new place of work, about a year back, this is my fifth accident. Of these five, three have been non-minor mishaps, as I’ve got myself hurt. Other two were rather minor.

1) First one happened just two months after I started taking my scooty to work. I was headed home, driving extremely carefully on the left side/lane of the road; without bothering to overtake anyone. A sumo-wala, driving right in front of me, was looking for a place to park. He found one, and immediately took a left-turn to park the vehicle. The traffic was heavy and hence I stopped some safe distance behind him. This hero suddenly changed his mind and without giving any signal, reversed his sumo. I honked and before I could react, “THOK”; he had hit me. I almost flew from my scooty and landed sideways on the road. He immediately realized his mistake. Alighted from his sumo, picked up my scooty and checked if I was alright. By this time, a small crowd had started gathering. The sumo driver got a little scared and before my head could stop reeling, he got into his sumo and drove off as fast as he could.

The accident left me quite shaken. I had fallen on the road and my head had hit the road. I was wearing my helmet, so no head injury, but my shoulder ached badly.

2) The second one happened the same day as the first. I think I was shaken badly. But, it didn’t look like my fault. The road was uneven due to some repair work (Puneites would know exactly what I mean) and I was trying to avoid a pothole, the scooty slipped on the uneven surface and I fell. Luckily it was a lonely road.

3) The third one gave me a hairline fracture. I had gone to the Pashan market to buy some veggies on my way back from work. None of the subziwalas would let me park my scooty in front of their stalls. So I went and parked it in some narrow corner. When I was trying to get the scooty off, I hit a electric pole behind me. The scooty was laden with my laptop and a big vegetable bag, all placed on the footboard. I know it was probably crazy of me to carry so much stuff on a scooty. Anyway, I tumbled down with the scooty, the vegetable bag and the laptop. It was quite filmi 🙂 The tomatoes and other vegetables rolled all over, the petrol started leaking, the scooty handle had perhaps hit my foot and I was in terrible pain. All the vegetables vendors who had been so rude to me had to come and pick up my stuff 🙂 When I stood up, I realized I couldn’t put my right foot down. I jumped around in one foot- very angry and quite shaken. But, I managed to drive home on my own, laptop, vegetable bag and all 🙂

4) The fourth time, a motorcycle-wala hit me perpendicularly on a crossing. I was snailing through a very crowded crossroad, and this fellow came from the right side and collided with me. Just like that! This time again I was carrying a vegetable bag. Thankfully it only contained leafy vegetables, so no filmi scene. I picked my scooty and all the mudied palak, methi and dhania patta myself and came home.

5) The latest one was yesterday evening. This being rainy season, the roads are slippery. And yesterday evening it was raining heavily. The autorickshaw before me braked suddenly. In response I clicked both my brakes and there…my scooty skid and I was sprawling on the road face down. You may call it coincidence, but this time again I was carrying my vegetable bag, which was full of fruits 😦 My foot got caught in the scooty, I couldn’t get up, my head was reeling, and … yes, I felt quite shaken!

After so many accidents, I’ve realized that the actual experience during an accident feels almost like a dream sequence. That is, from the time that you are hit, falling, hitting the road, till the time you recover. For example, yesterday I couldn’t get up on my own as my foot had got entangled in my scooty. As I lay on the road, I saw the white car behind my scooty and I wondered why that car was standing there right in front of me. I kept wondering why I couldn’t get up and didn’t realize that my scooty had fallen on me. After I got up, I kept feeling my shoulder and kept wondering why my shoulder was hurting and why my jeans were so muddy. A crowd had gathered and people urged me to sit still on the pavement. I looked at them blankly and wondered why they were surrounding me. I kept wondering why I was sweating so much. It was only after I had rested for a while that I realized that my scooty had skid and I had fallen down. Funny. I think it’s been the same every time, though I could recollect my thoughts only this time around. It’s probably the result of my rich experience 😀


One Response to “I’m not accident prone.”

  1. Lijo Mathew Says:

    It was posted on August 5, 2006. Have u crossed the 100 mark? any new fall? 🙂

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