“Wow!” moment

August 24, 2006

I’m sure most people have, at some point or the other, experienced what I call a “Wow!” moment. It’s like the “Aha!” moment – those moments when looking at a seemingly hard problem in a different light presents one with a rather simple and beautiful solution. The difference being, “Wow!” moments are unexpected moments of simple joy- a 500 rupee note found in a long forgotten winter jacket, waking up cursing yourself on having overslept and realising it’s a Sunday, visting your college after ten years and realising that people still remember you 🙂

Earlier this week I had one such moment. I got a courier from the Income Tax Dept. I naturally opened it with a lot of trepidation, not knowing what to expect; we all have our own not-so-favourable opinions about the workings of government offices. But, to my surprise the envelop contained a income tax refund cheque for the previous year. It was like “Wow!”, they really refund you the excess income tax paid! Though a small sum, this was the first time I was receiving a refund. I know the department does refund excess tax paid back, but you don’t really hear many such stories. Mostly people complain about not receiving any refunds for the excess tax paid- year after year. But, here I was holding an actual cheque in my hand. I definitely felt like celebrating!


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