In praise of Nagpur

September 4, 2006

In the one week that I spent at Nagpur, I realized how a reasonably maintained city/town makes a huge difference to the quality of life of it’s citizens. Nagpur has always been neglected as far as development plans go. Local politicians are more obsessed with “self-development” at the cost of Vidarbha’s developement. As a result, even today Nagpur does not remain a top career choice for many. But, it’s far more “livable” than a lot of other cities. Roads and general cleanliness are probably the basic needs of any city, and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) seems be doing a honest job on this front. They definitely need to be congratulated for this.

While the basic needs are taken care of, even the beautification of city is on right track. Despite the construction boom, you still find open spaces left out for children’s park and amusement parks. Even at places where new construction is happening, enough thought is given to provide wider roads. Unfortunately we did not click any snaps of the Nagpur roads that impressed me so much. However, here are some snaps of a childrens’s park right opposite my appartment.

Notice there are ample play-things for all age groups. Look at the background!! 🙂

Truly child friendly- bright colours, no sharp metals, good aesthetics, easy to play.

Lovely, well-maintained grass. We had infinite fun running around, falling, rolling, jumping on this grass.

I also have some snaps of a Water Park developed by Haldiram’s (Yes, the namkeen and sweets people from Nagpur). I’m told that the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) has given a contract to Haldiram’s for running the Water Park. And they are doing a good job of it. I was quite impressed by it and hence decided to give it some publicity and will dedicate a separate post to it 🙂

I’m not saying every thing is perfect, and Nagpurians will probably have a lot to say in this regard. However, things definitely seem to be on right track. You see definite signs of good planning as the city expands. With a little attention and some concrete steps to attract industries, Nagpur can very well become a model Indian city.

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18 Responses to “In praise of Nagpur”

  1. lpatil Says:

    Rashmi, you have hit the important point perfectly!

    I first came to Nagpur on 15 May 1988. Over a period of time, I have strongly believed that Nagpur is a great city to live in. The facilities are good, everything is still pretty close-by and the greenery is very well maintained.

    Nagpur lacked/lacks in two items:
    1. The desire to maintain a good system/development. I saw a drastic change when the roads improved in Nagpur. I saw that Nagpurians were looking at maintaining the roads as if it is a heritage – a good thing!
    2. Unfortunately, people in Nagpur are very laid-back. It is the way life has been for them. There is little industry around this place, and most well-to-do youth of Nagpur would go outside, some sort of brain drain. I see that this is also changing now, for the good.

  2. Rahul Says:

    I agree with you Rashmi brain drain yaah its true, but why its happeneing lot of engineers every year coming out of university and we have very few companies to accomodate those engineers.. so its bit obvious…People are moving out to look for good opportunities.
    I brought up in Nagpur I spend 25 years of my life in Nagpur people are good, slow life (not fast as pune even) and unware of anything whats going on int he world.. but
    everything has changed now.. lot of different training academies and centers opened in Nagpur for GRE, GMAT and IIT’s. So students are getting knowledge for lot of new things.
    But I want to mention one most imp.. thing. is lot of very nice projects Indian government as well as maharashtra gavernment succesfully annouced but never implemented…With progress of this International Cargo hub I am doubted whether its going to happen or not…doubted.
    But like to do lot of things abt my Nagpur (beautiful city) in coming future..
    Lets hope something nice abt Nagpur and be optimistic we are gonna grow and we will.

  3. Shekhar Says:

    Well…I was brought up at Nagpur, and I subscribe to the theory that “good people can thrive anywhere, irrespective of job opportunities, good education etc”. I did not go the best of the schools, and college, but have managed to make friends in a very broad spectrum of the Nagpur society- from rickshawallahs to the top most executive of international firms. That’s Nagpur for you- it does not care about one’s social status, very laid back as has been correctly pointed out, but at the same time inspires one to move higher and higher…..

  4. I have seen cities like Banglore, Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai, but as compared to these big cities, Nagpur, maintains a different place. Yes, you indeed missed taking pics of the clean, braod, and smooth roads of Nagpur city.

    Nagpur has potential to become one of the best city at international level.

    I have made a blog recently: which will keep updates of Nagpur city.

    I will adds pics as well.

    Anup Manchalwar,
    Mankapur, Nagpur

  5. Vasant Says:

    Nagpur is the well planned city.It has the distiction of having wide and straight roads hardly found in any of the Indian cities.One can enjoy the ride on two wheelers with reasonable speed at a straitch without fatigue.People in general observe the traffic rules at the road junctions.What else one can expect from the city of 3million+ population.I hope city’s potential wil be realised by all concerned in the immediate future.

  6. Reena Says:

    Hurray to Nagpur!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the home to the most number of millioanaires's~most~millionaires

  7. Manish Says:

    Hey… Nagpur can become one the best city in the country, only if it is separated from Maharstra….

  8. amiot Says:

    Located in the Sahayadri Hills, near the west coast of India, Pune is a fascinating city with a healthy climate all year round. Pune is one of the biggest industrial towns of Maharashtra and known as the automobile city as many big auto mobile companies have their head Quarters here.

    Notably, even though Pune is the seventh largest city in India, it has the sixth largest metropolitan economy and the highest per capita income in India, with the least income disparity between the rich and poor. Pune currently has 2 sister cities, Bremen in Germany and San Jose in California, USA.

  9. amiot Says:

    Pune is a major industrial centre, growing very fast every year.It is home to one of the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturers, — Bajaj Auto. The world’s second largest forging company Bharat Forge Ltd is also in Pune. It is also home to Kinetic Engineering, Force. The manufacturing plant of India’s largest car manufacturer, Tata Motors, is in Pune. DaimlerChrysler also has an assembly line for its Mercedes Benz brand in Pune. Cummins Engines Co Ltd has a Research & Technology India center in Pune in addition to its manufacturing plant. Whirlpool as well as LG have appliance manufacturing plants near Pune. Frito Lay and Coca Cola also have manufacturing plants in Pune. Pune is also home to numerous small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Pune has a burgeoning software industry. Many of India’s major software players such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Satyam, Mastek Ltd., Persistent Systems, Patni Computer Systems and Kale Consultants, Kanbay Software, S1 Services, Cybage, have their presence in Pune. Global majors like HSBC Global Technology, PTC, IBM, SIEMENS, Sybase, EDS, I-Flex, Cognizant, Sasken, KPIT Cummins Infosystems Inc., Amdocs, Avaya, Veritas Software, Aftek Infosys, Syntel, Zensar and TIBCO Software have a major presence in Pune’s various Software Technology Parks and other areas. Some of the prominent IT parks in the city are the Hinjewadi IT Park, Magarpatta Cybercity, etc.

    Pune is also emerging as a prominent city for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. Companies like Convergys, WNS, Progeon, EXL and MphasiS have started their operations in Pune. Pune comes as a natural choice for the BPO companies due to the availability of skilled manpower.

  10. amiot Says:

    Interesting Facts about Pune

    Pune has the impeccable record of highest growth within a span of 20 Years.

    Pune has the highest number of software companies in India – 212, followed by Bangalore – 208, Hyderabad – 97.

    Pune has 42 engineering colleges, which is highest in the world in a given city.

    Pune is the only city in the world to have commercial and defense Airport operating from the same strip.

    Pune has highest number of public sector and government Organizations in India.

    Pune University has highest number of students going abroad for higher studies.

    Pune has only 38% of local population (i.e. Marathi). Hence a true cosmopolitan with around 20% North Indians,10% Tamilians, 14% Telugus, 10% Keralites, 8% Europeans, 5% Africans, 2% Bengalis and 6% a mixture of all races.

    Pune has the highest density of traffic in India.

    Pune has the highest number of 2-wheelers in the world.

    Pune is considered the fashion capital of east.

    Pune has produced the maximum international sportsmen in India for all sports next to Mumbai & Delhi.

    Pune has produced the maximum number of scientists considered for many high profile Prize nominations.

    Pune has produced the highest number of professionals in USA almost 60% of the Indian population abroad is from Pune (except Gulf).

    For more information about Pune visit –

  11. amiot Says:

    now tell me where we stands now …. as i m for chandrapur …we powefully need political will

  12. abhijit agrawal Says:

    i want admetion on it sector

  13. Sanjeev Says:

    Yes buddy. Nagpur is really nice. I came here for the first time six months ago and fell for the city immediately.

  14. dhoorandar Says:

    which city we are discussing about ? Yes, nagpur no doubt has potential to grow and I am sure its going to be an important city on worlds Map after 5-10 years. we will ahve to wait for that time… Hope for the best…

  15. Pankaj Says:

    Yesterday, i visited Pune,
    I felt that I was in Nagpur. Same cities But quite diffrent in some cases!

  16. Pankaj Says:

    While Pune has good infrastructure, Nagpur has greatest roads among all the indian cities,
    Pune has IT companies, Nagpur has MIHAN. Pune has great crowd while Nagpur has clean & green city,
    But importance firstly comes to Nagpur as it is our capital city!

  17. It’s in reality a nice and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  18. friv Says:

    We’ve just approved the final floor plans. I’m sooo ready to get started! They are surveying this week and hope to get a driveway in before the wet, winter weather gets here. I’ll be happy to see the lumber finally drop, then I know we’re making progress!

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