You don’t have accelerator? I don’t have brakes!

September 21, 2006

(Ok, heres a last post before I go offline!)

Today morning I started late for work. After 9:00am the traffic gets a little heavy and hence I was driving slowly and carefully. There was a tam-tam (six-seater auto for the non-Puneites) in front of me, who was applying his brakes every now and then to take on board every other passenger standing on the roadside. I was waiting for an opportunity to get ahead. Right behind me was a young man on his mobike, obviously getting impatient with my peculiar middle-aged caution. He kept honking, egging me on to overtake the tam-tam. However, for dear life, I refused to exhibit any rashness. On a turn the mobike-fellow managed to overtake me and the tam-tam. He even slowed down next to me and very audaciously shouted something about using the accelerator and rolled his hand, probably trying to show me how to use the accelerator. I naturally ignored him; and he zoomed off. Some way down I caught up with him. He was got caught behind a PMT Bus (public transport bus), unable to overtake. The bus driver suddenly applied his brakes and, surprisingly, caught him unawares and he dashed against it. He looked around sheepishly and atleast for some distance he drove slowly and carefully!

I don’t know how long he continued this way ‘cos I couldn’t keep up with his slow speed and had to leave him behind 😀 !!


One Response to “You don’t have accelerator? I don’t have brakes!”

  1. Navneet Says:

    Hopefully the mobikewala didn’t get hurt too badly.

    Hey, where are the RSS feeds ?

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