Conveniently conservative

October 19, 2006

I was taking a shower after my gym session when I heard two young female voices outside.  The conversation went something like this-

Girl1: Arrey yaar, I don’t want to go for that off-site after the training.

Girl2: Neither do I, but it’s part of the training so it seems we have to go for it.  But, I agree, 3 days of off-site with people you got acquainted with in a 2 week training is a waste.  If only it was with our “lukkha gang”, I would’ve looked forward to it.

Girl1: Wouldn’t your parents mind?  Will they give you permission to go for the off-site?

Girl2: Ofcourse.  If it’s part of the training, why would they mind?  Besided we are now professionals.  Why did you ask?  Would your parents object to it?

Girl1: No yaar, that’s the problem.  But, I’ll tell the trainer that my parents are a bit conservative and hence they are objecting for the off-site. 

Girl2: Hmm…

Girl1: Yaar, apne faayade ke liye parents ko conservative banane me kya problem hai?  Anyway they are conservative, if not in these matters in some other matters.

(Door opens and closes.  The two young ladies leave.)