Lost my helmet

December 17, 2006

I lost my helmet.  I had left it on the foot-board of my scooty, which was parked in the parking lot of our very own appartment complex.  Next day, when I left for work, it was not there.  Btw, I forgot to mention, the helmet wasn’t chained to the scooty.  It was simply kept on the foot-board.  Hmm…I’m sure many of you are going to say that in that case it was as good as inviting a thief to take it away.  May be you are right.  But, I’ve been leaving my helmet on the footboard for the last 3-4 years!

I’m sure people who drive a two-wheeler will understand that handling a helmet, when it is not perched on your head, is not a simple task.  You can either chain it to your two-wheeler and leave it open to gather dust on a busy roadside or carry it with you everywhere 😦  Initially I used to carry it everywhere, but very soon I got fed up of forgetting it everywhere.  In my frustration I started leaving it on the foot-board, secured only in a plastic bag.  Friends warned that it wouldn’t work for long and sooner or later, it would get stolen.  I always joked asking who would have a head as small as mine.  And even if the thief wanted to sell it off, he wouldn’t find a buyer easily and hence would return it in frustration.  Slowly I got used to wrapping the helmet in a simple plastic bag and leaving it on the foot-board of the scooty.  I carried on with this for almost 3-4 years.  Restaurants, malls, movie theatres, office, market, our appartment complex- I never made any distinction.  I had infact started liking the idea of leaving it unsecured on the vehicle itself and finding it right there whenever I got back.  But it was not to be.  Bad.

I wouldn’t say I’ve lost faith in humanity, but…


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