Colour of sunlight

March 26, 2007

Today morning Aru surprised me with her question.

I was dressing Aru after her bath.  The room being dark, I parted the curtains and the sunlight filled the room. She remarked- “Mamma, kitni dhoop hai!” (Mamma there is so much sunlight!) Then she paused for a while and asked, “Mamma, dhoop kaunse colour ka hota hai?” (Mamma, what is the colour of sunlight?) I was quite taken aback, so much so that I didn’t even answer. I was about to say white, but I thought I’d confuse her and hence just said I’d tell her in the evening. And then I regretted it. I should’n’t have worried about confusing her and instead should’ve just answered her and observed her train of thoughts.

Too bad!! Lesson learnt.

Update: Ok, the question came up again today morning 🙂  I told her that it was white in colour, but the young lady refused to accept it and kept insisting that it was ‘yellow’ in colour!


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