The young lady turns two!

April 2, 2007

On 19th March Aru turned two!! 

She had been enjoying birthday celebrations at her day care- loved to sing the birthday song, loved the non-creamy cakes and wafers that are part of the celebration at the day care.  Everytime there was a birthday she kept talking about it for weeks. 

Aru: Mamma, aaj Mehul ka birthday thaa.  Aru ne cake khaaya.  Aru ko cake pasand hai.
      (Mamma, today was Mehul’s birthday.  Aru ate cake.  Aru likes cake. (Yes, she refers to herself in third person))

Mamma: Wow!! Aur aapne Mehul ke liye birthday song gaaya?  Kaise gaaya?
              (Wow!!  And did you sing the birthday song for Mehul?  How did you sing?)

Aru: Haapy Birthday to you!  Haapy Birthday to you!  Haapy birthday to dear Mehul!  (starts clapping vigorously)

(She can sing only two lines.  And no, I didn’t forget to spellcheck.  “Haapy” is how Aru pronounces it!)

Naturally she had been waiting for hers and once in a while she would enquire “Mamma, Aru ka birthday kab hai?” (Mamma, when is Aru’s birthday?)  So, after a lot of deliberations, we decided to have a small kids-n-moms snack party at home.  It took me close to a week to list all the kids in our society whom we meet in the park.  We ended up inviting close to 26 kids (and 19 moms!) for our small snacks party.  Aru is surely not going to lack company when she grows up!  Suddenly our plan of in-house party seemed overly ambitious.

We had been terribly busy at work and with our recent shifting, so we decided to outsource all the arrangements.  Here are some snaps of the D-day.

The front door and the living room.

Baloons all over!

Aru inspecting and appreciating the decorations.

Aru cutting her birthday cake.

Time to open the gifts!!!

Time to relax after the games.

After the party was over, I was left feeling as if a tornado had visited our place.  Being a mother of a a teeny weeny dainty girl, I had no clue of what the little boys are capable of!!!  I’m sure any more birthday celebrations will have to wait till Aru grows up and really starts understanding…

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4 Responses to “The young lady turns two!”

  1. Chintan Says:

    Yes little boys are capable of creating mini tornados in their wake. I have given up on trying to make my house look right. I save the effort for special occassions. Lots of love and good wishes to Aru. Hope you enjoy all the new experiences the third year will bring.

  2. happy birthday to the little lady….

  3. Deepa Says:

    Happy birthday to Arunima! Great pictures!

  4. littlenotes Says:

    Chintan, Mad Momma, Deepa – Thanks a million for your wishes!

    Chintan: Now I know better. Aru is very girlie and is a “little lady” in true sense. Though she enjoys playing in the mud and sand a lot, as soon as she is done she will come to me with her palms spread wide- “Mamma, dekho gandaa ho gaye. Wash kar do”. After she’s had her food herself- “Mamma, Aru ko change kar do”. And she is very gentle, so she generally avoid over enthusiastic kids like plague. One of our neighbours’ four year old boy is a bundle of energy. He simply adores Aru. Whenever he sees Aru he gets very excited and shows it in his own cute ways. But, Aru hides behind me whenever she sees him and I feel so bad for the little boy.

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