I think I’m multi-tasking a bit too much these days or maybe there is too much on my mind.  But, I don’t seem to accomplish much!!  I must be getting old.  Or maybe these are all plain excuses and I’m just being careless 😦

Last week was terrible. I can’t help getting irritated with myself when I think about it even now.

Hubby dear was busy with myriad things at work and hence I had to drop the little one to the day care throughout the week. Now, the little one is used to me picking her up and as a result was a little unhappy with the whole arrangement, which obviously made things that much more difficult. But, I had no clue that the whole week will turn into this big adventure.

The first day I managed to bribe her with her current favourite mint- Vicks. I know, I know, thats wrong and I was taking the easy way out. Call me a bad mother, go ahead. The young lady was thrilled to have blue, green and orange Vicks as we drove off. As we reached the day care, she turned grumpy and refused to talk to me. She even refused to say bye-bye and I had to just walk away as she cuddled up in her aunty’s lap. I felt terrible inside and her sad face just refused to leave me the whole day. The next day wasn’t any different and I kept worrying about her. On Wednesday, the princess refused to wear her sandals as we were getting ready to leave. I didn’t want to bother her, so I just picked her, her bag, my handbag, her shoes (yes all of it!) locked the house and started getting the car out. Aru was obviously not in a good mood, I tried to cheer her as I arranged her snacks, her pillow, her toys in the rear seat and put on her favourite music. In all this, I kept her shoes on the top of the car and just drove off. I realized what had happened when I reached the day care. And these were those expensive “Kittens” sandals, which we bought over the weekend! Next morning, same story. As I drove her to the day care, I kept trying to engage her into a conversation. No luck. I decided to stop over at a departmental store and buy her a lollypop. As I got down and picked her up, I accidentally locked the car with the keys inside. I kicked myself, but there was nothing I could do. The only thing I could feel good about was that Aru wasn’t locked inside. I had to take a auto and drop her to her day care, then go to office and get the spare key, get back to the place where I had parked the car, drive to the day care to drop her bag and then drive to office. Boy, was I exhausted!! And if you thought this ends my adventure, no, it doesn’t. Next day, I drove some eight kilometers with my hand brakes on. And I kept wondering all the time why the car wasn’t running smoothly after the recent servicing!

And thus ended my week.


As more and more people flock to cities, Indian Goverment has begun working on converting smaller cities like Nagpur, Jaipur, Mysore into metropolises, or so says this article.

Some good news for Nagpurian!!!

Ta Ra Rum Pum

May 11, 2007

We happened to see “Ta Ra Rum Pum” last weekend.  

Our two year old keeps demonstrating, in one way or the other, that she would like to have some exciting night-life, so we went for a 9 to 12 show.  At other times, the choice of movie would have been important.  However, these days other factors like- the lil’ one has had a good afternoon nap, her dad too is well rested, the lil’ has had a good meal and is in a good mood, all weekend chores are over etc. are the deciding factors.  If all these conditions are met, we just land up at the multiplex and watch whichever movie tickets we can manage to get. The actual movie is much lower on the priority list. 

“Ta Ra Rum Pum” is our good old, tried and tested rich boy, poor girl love story, happy marriage, loving family, cute kids, post-marriage turbulence, some adversities and then a happy ending.  Thers isn’t much to talk about.  The best part of the movie was the song with this bear-family- Ta, Ra, Ma and Pa.  Yes, those were the names of the family members.  Aru loved it!  That was the only time she stopped playing with her toys and paid some attention.

Go for it, if and only if, you are dying for some outing, just because you’ve been confined to indoors with a sick child for the past month and a half.  That was my motivation.  You can find yours!!!

The Namesake

May 4, 2007

We watched ‘The Namesake’ sometime in March. 

I had read the book a couple of months back.  Though I wouldn’t heap adjectives while expressing my opinions of the book, it definitely is a good read.  That is, I wouldn’t say it is a must-read, but you’d enjoy it if you happen to read it.  The book captures the ambitions, dilemma, dreams, anguish, trumoil of Indians who take the bold step of making another country their home.  And then, it goes ahead and captures the very same emotions of second generations Indians, in an altogether different setup.  Though the story uses the backdrop of a Bengali family, I’m sure even people from other communities- Gujratis, Maharashtrians, Keralites, Andhraites will be able to identify themselves in the pages of the book and in the screens of the movie. 

I found the movie a bit fast paced, but Mira Nair never loses control of the movie.  Tabu, Irfan Khan and Kal Penn are too good.  They transform a good movie into a “must-watch” movie.  You can almost feel Ashima’s pain in Tabu as she struggles to come to terms with her loneliness and tries to become independent as her children grow up and start distancing themselves.  You can feel Ashoke’s discomfort in Irfan Khan as Gogol’s girlfriend hugs him or his aloofness when he interacts with his children.  Fathers in many very traditional Indian families are generally not very demonstrative of their love for their children and Irfan Khan captures the awkwardness well in his interactions with his son.  You can feel Gogol’s anguish on having so unusual a name.  You become part of Gogol as he transforms from Gogol to Nikhil to Nik and nowhere do you feel like admonishing him for distancing himself from his real self, because deep inside you, you somehow know all along that Gogol will come to terms with his identify as we all do.  We could’ve done without some of the sequences in the movie as they only come in the way of narration and don’t really augment the storyline.  I wonder what Mira Nair was thinking while filming the dance on old hindi movie songs, on Gogol and Moushumi ‘s wedding night.  It was not funny, it was not required, it simply jumps at you without warning and you just wait for it to get over and for the story to move forward.  I think it is very easy to give in to the temptation of a little bollywood style masala 🙂 

All in all ‘The Namesake’ definitely provides some food for thought- the movie as well as the book.  I would definitely recommend it to all my friends.  If you can afford the luxury of reading the book, please do read it.  If not, do watch the movie over some weekend.  You don’t necessarily have to go in for both.  I had to, for being part Bengali myself.

At Aru’s daycare, everyday they have a activity time called ‘Enrichment’.  This is different from their normal playtime where they are left on their own.  The older kids do things like- drawing, painting, making greeting cards, collage, craft etc.  And the younger ones, that is, one to two-and-half year olds do things like drawing, colouring, spray painiting with a toothbrush, canvas painting with shaving brush, block painting with cut vegetables, story telling, dancing, singing etc.  Sometimes they do really interesting things like- making nimbu-paani for a drink, making sandwiches for snack-time, arranging books on shelves, watering the plants, mopping their small dining tables etc.

Everyday when I go to pick Aru up, I’m given a report of what they did and how Aru liked/disliked it and if there is any artifacts, it is handed over to me.  Initially they would invariably tell me- aaj Aru ne caterpillar banaya, aaj Aru ne sand painting kiya, aaj Aru ne mountain banaya etc.  Once while standing with them, I pointed to the drawing and asked Aru- ‘Aru ye train kisne banayi?’  Aru quitely pointed at Hema aunty and said- Aunty ne banayi.  Everybody burst out laughing.  From that day onwards Hema aunty switched over to saying- aaj humne leaf painting kiya, aaj humne pasting kiya, aaj humne bhel banayi!