Jhooth bole kauwaa kaate

May 3, 2007

At Aru’s daycare, everyday they have a activity time called ‘Enrichment’.  This is different from their normal playtime where they are left on their own.  The older kids do things like- drawing, painting, making greeting cards, collage, craft etc.  And the younger ones, that is, one to two-and-half year olds do things like drawing, colouring, spray painiting with a toothbrush, canvas painting with shaving brush, block painting with cut vegetables, story telling, dancing, singing etc.  Sometimes they do really interesting things like- making nimbu-paani for a drink, making sandwiches for snack-time, arranging books on shelves, watering the plants, mopping their small dining tables etc.

Everyday when I go to pick Aru up, I’m given a report of what they did and how Aru liked/disliked it and if there is any artifacts, it is handed over to me.  Initially they would invariably tell me- aaj Aru ne caterpillar banaya, aaj Aru ne sand painting kiya, aaj Aru ne mountain banaya etc.  Once while standing with them, I pointed to the drawing and asked Aru- ‘Aru ye train kisne banayi?’  Aru quitely pointed at Hema aunty and said- Aunty ne banayi.  Everybody burst out laughing.  From that day onwards Hema aunty switched over to saying- aaj humne leaf painting kiya, aaj humne pasting kiya, aaj humne bhel banayi!


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