Ta Ra Rum Pum

May 11, 2007

We happened to see “Ta Ra Rum Pum” last weekend.  

Our two year old keeps demonstrating, in one way or the other, that she would like to have some exciting night-life, so we went for a 9 to 12 show.  At other times, the choice of movie would have been important.  However, these days other factors like- the lil’ one has had a good afternoon nap, her dad too is well rested, the lil’ has had a good meal and is in a good mood, all weekend chores are over etc. are the deciding factors.  If all these conditions are met, we just land up at the multiplex and watch whichever movie tickets we can manage to get. The actual movie is much lower on the priority list. 

“Ta Ra Rum Pum” is our good old, tried and tested rich boy, poor girl love story, happy marriage, loving family, cute kids, post-marriage turbulence, some adversities and then a happy ending.  Thers isn’t much to talk about.  The best part of the movie was the song with this bear-family- Ta, Ra, Ma and Pa.  Yes, those were the names of the family members.  Aru loved it!  That was the only time she stopped playing with her toys and paid some attention.

Go for it, if and only if, you are dying for some outing, just because you’ve been confined to indoors with a sick child for the past month and a half.  That was my motivation.  You can find yours!!!


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