On our way to the lil’ one’s day care, we got caught in a traffic jam.  As we inched ahead in the bumper-to-bumper traffic, this is the conversation we had-

Aru: Mamma, kya hua?  (Mamma, what happened?)
Me: Aru, bahaar traffic jam hai.  Dekho kitni gadiyan hain.  (Aru, we are caught in a traffic jam.  See there are so many vehicles around.)
Aru: Hmm…
(I looked at her and thought she was nodding her head quite knowingly.)
Me: Aaap jante hain traffic jam kya hota hai? (Do you know what is a traffic jam?)
Aru: (with a straight face) Haan.  Bread mein lagakar khate hain.  (Yes, we put it in bread and eat it.)