Some bad news, some good news

July 11, 2007

Sigh!!  There is some bad news and some good news.                             

The bad news is- It seems I should abandon all hopes of ever becoming famous 😦  The article here explains why.  The reason, well, I have an entire generation behind me to blame 😦  The good news is- Well, I managed to fix it for my future generations! 🙂  Ok, ok…lets say I managed to fix it atleast for the next generation by 1) marrying into the right family and 2) by naming my child appropriately 🙂

While all of you out there celebrate/mourn your own fate, allow me to sulk in my corner and mourn for my shattered dreams!!  Sob! Sniff! Sniff! 😥


One Response to “Some bad news, some good news”

  1. Reena Says:

    Thanks for the guidance. It reaffirms my faith in my self. My son’s last name is unique since it is hyphenated with my last name, that starts with a letter which is at the beginning of the alphabet, coming first. My spouses last name starts with V and the world knows where it stands. Hurray ! I have saved my next generation.

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