I understand…

July 17, 2007

The little one is a very clingy baby.  Well, maybe I shouldn’t call her a baby…not after seeing this weekend how much she really understands.  The little one’s world revolves around her mamma and papa, and more so around mamma.  Mamma has to bathe her, dress her up, feed her, take her to loo, sleep with her, drop her to the playgroup/daycare, play with her, fetch her dolls/water/colours/magnetic slate etc. etc.  At times it gets really tiring and I crib to hubby dear that he doesn’t help me in handling her.  Infact we even end up having major fights over this.  I know he does make an honest effort, however part convenience and part the way things are – she spends more time with me and hence naturally depends more on me for all her needs.

But mamma has been down with fever since Friday.  I have been having alternate bouts of shivering and sweating.  And the little one has been in her papa’s hands.  Though she was a little fussy initially, hubby dear explained- “Mamma ko bukhaar hai isliye mamma ko aaraam karna hai.  Hum mamma ko disturb nahin karenge” (Mamma has fever and needs some rest.  So, we will not disturb her.)  I don’t know if she understood anything, but she came over to me, patted me and asked- “Mamma, aapko bukhaar hai?  Mamma ko disturb nahin karenge” (Mamma, you’ve got fever? We won’t disturb mamma.)  And the little one has spent the entire Saturday and Sunday with her papa – with papa bathing her, feeding her, putting her to sleep – everything.  And everytime she protested, she was told – “Betu, mamma to bimaar hain na?” (Sweety, mamma is unwell, right?) And she would readily agree to let papa help her.

As for me, my heart ached every time she agreed to papa because mamma was unwell.  Sniff.

UPDATE: I’m still recovering from illness.  The fever is gone, but the weakness remains.  It looks like some kind of infection, so we have to take care and keep the little one off me.  Today the young lady lost her patience 😦  Though I decided to stay home, hubby dear dropped her at the daycare.  The little one refused to let go off me.  We managed to bribe her with chocolates and I dropped her till the gate.  However, when she realized I wasn’t accompanying her she threw off her chocolates and said she only wanted mamma.  Sob.  Now, I need to need to get well soon!


One Response to “I understand…”

  1. Reena Says:

    Hope you are feeling better now.

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