Home remedies – Fighting common cold

September 26, 2007

The toddler at home is forever coming home with a cold, that invariably means a cranky child. I was getting uneasy feeding her one cough-syrup after another – its a different story that she just loves medicines! (Looks like the child has taken to her father’s family in these matters.) So, I decided to give my mother’s home remedies a chance. I started off by taking them myself, and they did seem to work!! So, Ma was actually right! I wouldn’t say they cure cold, but they do provide much needed relief and a significant cut down on doses of Dilosyn, Tixylix etc.

So, here goes a list of some –

1) Adrak (ginger), Tulsi (basil) and Honey mix – Take half-inch adrak (ginger), 2-3 tulsi (basil) leaves. Wash them. You may have to scrape the adrak if it is particularly muddy. Crush them together in a small khalbatta (Mortar and Pestle). Take the crushed adrak and tulsi and squeeze the juice in a small bowl. You can put the crushed adrak and tulsi in a strainer and then squeeze it to avoid pieces of adrak falling into the juice. Let this juice stand for 2-3 minutes. Some sediments will settle in the bowl; discard the sediments and put the juice in another bowl or tablespoon. Mix this juice with little (1/ 2 teaspoon) honey and drink it. (The honey is used to sweeten the otherwise bitter juice.)

This is effective if you have minor cough. You can take it 2-3 times in a day.

2) Dalchini (Cinnamon), kali-mirch (Pepper) and Lavang/laung (Clove) kaadha (decoction) – Take half-inch dalchini, 2-3 kali-mirch, 2-3 lavang and crush them in a small khalbatta (Mortar and Pestle). Take one-and-half cups of water in a container and add the crushed material to it. Boil the water till only one cup kaadha remains. Add 1/1 1/2 teaspoon sugar and drink it while it is warm.

If you have a cold coming, this will surely take care of that and you will get up no signs of cold. If you already have a cold, this does provide a lot of relief. Once before bed or twice a day should suffice.



11 Responses to “Home remedies – Fighting common cold”

  1. Lalit Patil Says:

    For some reason, people know that cold/flu is incurable and still try to “cure it.” Yes, adrak and all have helped a lot! I have also heard that apple cider vinegar is good, but I have never found it in India. I have tried in the US; frankly, it is practically impossible to say with certainty whether something is useful. However, it is worth a try. If not the chemical, its taste will ensure that the child never says that she has a cold 😉

  2. Lalit Patil Says:

    As if somebody is listening to your posts on the web! It seems that FDA Experts are insisting that Cold Medicines should be banned for Young Children. Read more at: http://health.yahoo.com/news/179885

  3. Chintan Says:

    The adrak, tulsi, honey recipe is tried and tested through generations. It does work wonders to provide relief. But unfortunately people of our generatiosn turn up their noses on such things. I remember suggesting it to somebody and she gave me a look that said she could see country bumpkin written on my forehead.
    Yes cough syrups should be banned for children. My infamous neighbor think Trimanic cold and cough as be all and end all for all illness. She give it to her 3.5 year old whenever he sniffles, which is almost everyday.

  4. littlenotes Says:

    Ah, well! Maybe I should’ve worded things differently, maybe I should’ve clarified myself a wee bit more, maybe I shouldn’t have captioned the post as “Home remedies…” 🙂 I am not claiming these remedies cure cold. If you have a stuffy nose, runny nose, choked nose, some headache, bad throat, cough or an aching jaw (yes, some people suffer from aching jaws if they have cold!), these are surely not going to help! I only talked about some ‘relief’ and a cut-down on the cough-syrup dosages!

    My take on effectiveness and frequency is based entirely on my personal experience. For example, if I’ve had an ice-cream or cold drink or something cold in the evening or in a slightly chilly weather – I’m invariably left with a slightly sore throat – ‘gale ki kharash’, you know! And I’ve noticed that the decoction normally takes care of that and the sore throat does not lead to a cold, which otherwise would lead to one. Then I’ve noticed that a 2-3 days of cough-syrup followed by 2-3 days of adrak and tulsi helps the little one recover better.

    Now, I don’t know the science behind it, but if you’ve had something cold directly from the fridge, you are advised to have some thing at room temperature just so that the cold does not presist in the throat that is you warm your system. I think the decoction achieves something similar with maybe something in kali mirch, dalchini etc. helping too.

  5. Rhinoplasty Says:

    I had a narrow nose, which made my friends to comment on the same. I had fallen in depression and did not recover until I got a cure for the same with non-surgical nose job done. Good post to go… Thanks guys!

  6. Neo Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I think the big question is always whether something brings needed relief or if it’s a cure. Maybe I need to look up the definition for the word cure.

  7. Kanika Says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for ur useful tips, i have a major problem of Sinus. The Kaadha which u have mentioned is really useful.

  8. vidhya Says:

    Hi , i feel that home remedies for cold does work.whenever my toddler catches cold and especially cough i just add some crushed ginger ,haldi in the milk he drinks. for a sore throat i give him pure honey .it soothes the throat. even his paediatrician said the same thing –try home remedies for cold and cough it works well. the cough syrups for young children have been removed from U.S market since they dont cure cough.
    warm soups,juice(except citrus juice),water ,diluted tea helps a lot for toddlers (from my experience)

    what they call as grandma’s medicine does work well and also helps to improve immunity in young children.

  9. Dalip Singh Says:

    This one works wonders with me,and find it of great help in runny nose and cough.

  10. cold calling Says:

    Hi there, I enjoy reading through your post. I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

  11. amit shukla Says:

    These therepy was really effective for the chest cough such as bubble pain in chest with saliva.

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