Blog Action Day

October 15, 2007

(Today is “blog action day“.  I registered my blog today and hence I’m still awaiting approval.  However, since I can’t keep on waiting I’d as well go ahead with my post.)

Being brought up in a middle-class Indian household, there were innumerable environment friendly lifestyle lessons we learnt.  No, they weren’t explicitly labeled as things to do for a clean, green environment.  That’s the way things were done.  Period.  It was plain simple common sense.  If I look back and try to sum up the principles that guided out upbringing, I think Maa and Pa always stressed that as an individual or a family one should always try to-

1) Minimize the consumption of resources
2) Minimize creation of waste
3) Reuse as much as you can

Here are some very simple habits I’ve retained.  Nothing life altering, but something that can go a long way in reducing some burden on dear earth.

  1. Cloth bags vs. plastic bags

  • Use shopping bags and avoid taking plastic bags

     This sounds “Oh, so obvious!!”, but sadly one does not see many people adopting it.  And it isn’t just the uninformed, uneducated, even people whom you would expect to understand the issue don’t make this simple effort.
     Ladies when you swing your stylish handbags over your shoulder and gentlemen when you throw that backpack over your shoulder, how about slipping a couple of cloth or even plastic bags in them, just so that you can avoid taking new ones.  Or even better, how about making carrying a bag our very own style statement 🙂

  • Avoid using garbage bags

     Remember all that ‘spam’ you get in your post, all the old newspapers that go to the raddiwala, the plastic wrappings that you cannot avoid with some goods?  Do remember them while reaching for the garbags bags every evening/morning.  They serve the purpose as well as those brand new garbage bags 🙂

  2. Handkerchiefs, hand towels vs. tissues   

If you have a runny/blocked  nose, handkerchiefs serve the purpose as well as the heap of tissues.  As kids this is exactly what we did.  Why has using tissues suddenly become so cool?

 3. Cloth nappies vs. diapers

    Well, thats a tricky one.  There are arguments on both sides so I’ll skip the cloth nappies vs. diapers part.  But, parents can definitely make an attempt to potty train their kids early.  I’ve seen many parents who make this an- my kid, my parenting, my choice kind of an issue.  Well, I don’t know how to respond to that.  Only thing that I can say is, training the kid early goes easy on the kid and goes a long way in helping dear earth!

 4. Reuse water

    I never saw maa throw away water just like that.  She washed vegetables, fruits, rice, dal etc. in a vessel and used the water for watering the plants.  Yesterday’s driking water was used for cooking.  Washing machines were used with soap-saver option.  Half finished water bottles brought home from school were emptied in the potted plants.  There were innumerable small things.  The point is not to list what all she did, the point is she realized the importance of fresh water and tried to minimize it as much as she can.  And in her own simple way she taught me a lesson for life.

These are some simple things I could think of.  It isn’t cheap or uncool to do any of the above and it is  much easier on the environment.


2 Responses to “Blog Action Day”

  1. Like you I didn’t waited approval to start my post.

    You’re in truth when you summarize with those 3 lines
    1) Minimize the consumption of resources
    2) Minimize creation of waste
    3) Reuse as much as you can

    As much as possible we do it on a daily basis.


  2. jottingsnmusings Says:

    Hi! (Sorry I don’t know how to address you, didn’t find a name or a nickname on your blog!)

    Wonderful post, this one! I appreciate it totally. Your mom has been doing this for all this while? And to think that its only now that the rest of the world is waking up to these simple home truths!

    I have not been so environment-friendly all my life, and started getting aware only recently. Had done a post on this sometime back, but was seriously discouraged by the lack of response. Feels good to know that there are people like you who really care!

    Do check out my posts on this if you are interested.

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