A job site with a difference!!

December 18, 2007

Every household has a ‘maid’ story- the good, the bad and the ugly. Any woman who has had anything to do with running a household is capable of talking for hours on the topic. No girlfriends’ meet ever gets over without a healthy exchange of ‘maid stories’ 🙂 The blog world has seen its share of stories. A formula that worked, a relationship that clicked, a perennial search for that perfect match (a post by themadmomma that I cannot link to anymore 😦 )

So, here comes a job site with a difference as described here!! Right now it caters only to the need of blessed Bangloreans, but they are looking forward to expanding in other metros. I agree its not a complete solution to the problem, but surely another very good avenue to help you with your search and some help for the ones looking for employment!


3 Responses to “A job site with a difference!!”

  1. sorry! a dozen people have mailed and complained that they cant link up to my posts..!

  2. littnotes Says:

    You know something, I’ve myself moved from blogger to wordpress. I agree there is no comparison between the magnitude of data that needs to moved for you and what I had to do, but if you need any help, you know whom to ask 🙂

  3. priyasng002 Says:

    http://www.saralrozgar.com also help to find the maid job

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