March 6, 2008

Me: (while picking up the Little one from the day care) Jaldi chalo, hamein bakery jana hai.  (Hurry up, we need to go to the bakery)

Little one: (at the bakery, looking around at stacks of biscuits and muffins) Mamma, isko bakery kyon bolte hain? (Why is this place called bakery?)

Me: (brightly) Kyonki yahan…hmm…biscuits milte hain! (Because we get biscuits here)

Little one: Phir mujhe cakery jana hai, mujhe bakery nahin pasand. (Then I want to go to the ‘cakery’, I don’t like ‘bakery’.)

I know there has been too much TV and too much cricket going on in the house, when the little darling, who is not much into TV asks – “Mamma, yeh Ishant Sharma uncle kaun hai?” (Mamma, who is Ishant Sharma uncle?)

(At around 11:30pm after the Little one has had her quota of 3-4 stories, has made me listen to ALL the nursery rhymes she can remember)

Little one: Bahut batein ho gayi, ab so jaten hain! (Enough talking, lets go to sleep!)

Me: ???