Krushnai Water Park

May 2, 2008

Yesterday being Maharashtra Day, it was an off day for us and we decided to make good use of it. For the last two weeks the temperature has been hovering around 40 deg. C, so the idea of going to a water park appealed to everyone. We had only heard of the Splash Water Park a.k.a Diamond Water Park in Lohegaon, but the long drive from our place and the road construction work in-progress on the Nagar road was putting me off. And we found some not so good reviews of the place on the net. Finally Google came to rescue and we came to know of Krushnai Water Park, near Donje village (some 4 km. ahead of Khadakwasala Dam).

It was a good one hour drive as we kept taking the wrong roads, kept taking wrong turns, kept stopping to ask for directions and finally reached the place around 11am when it had started getting really hot. I don’t know why they didn’t give us clear directions, but you just need to go to Khadakwasala dam and then take the road to Sinhgad. You’d cross Donje village on your way. As soon as you cross the village through the narrow lane, the water park is on your left, opposite Hotel Madhuban. The place is called “Krushnai Water Park” and it is open from 10am to 5pm.

The place was much more crowded than what I had expected, so it seems it is a well known family hangout on holidays. The entry fee is reasonable – Rs.300/- for adults and Rs.150/- for kids, which includes a vegetarian lunch in their restaurant.

The overall management, though not up to the mark, is pretty decent. Though like most public places the security guards and attendants hardly had a voice of their own and did little to maintain order and enforce rules.

The place has enough lockers to store your stuff. There are enough clean (pleasant surprise!) showers, changing rooms, bathrooms and loos.

They do try hard to enforce the only-swimming-costume in the pool rule, and do make swimming costumes available for use, for some nominal fee. The ladies’ costumes include thigh lengh t-shirts and full-length/capris style leggings, in order to make ladies of all age, size, weight, make feel comfortable 🙂 Unfortunately, you’d still find some ladies splashing around in their salwar suits/ t-shirts etc. and men in their vests, shorts, track pants instead of the mandatory swimming trunks! This would’ve infuriated a younger me, but these days I’ve…hmm…just become more tolerant of all kinds of people.

The park has been built on some 5 acres of land and has the standard water rides and pools – lazy river, wave pool, many water slides and tunnels, deck for rain dance.

Oh well, we did get into an argument with a jerk, who insisted on keeping his bags on the benches instead of letting my parents sit there. He kept muttering that they were around 40 people who had come there and so we should let them be. I wanted to ask him why he hadn’t booked the place exclusively to himself, if he really wanted to be treated like a royalty, but I kept peace. Hubby dear tried to get the attendants to do something about the ill-mannered fella, but obviously they did not want to get involved, neither did they seem capable of handling him. They made some half-hearted effort of calling someone to settle the dispute, who did not turn up. The jerk sat there with his bags, refusing to budge and we just stood around patiently till he just got fed up and left.

So, except for this incident, overall the experience was ok. The place is good if you want to spend half a day there with your family. If you have your own group of family and friends, you’d probably enjoy more.

Earlier I’ve written about the NIT Water Park at Nagpur. This does not compare to that place at all. But, it is an ok place to take your kids, when the weather is as hot as it is right now!


4 Responses to “Krushnai Water Park”

  1. Tabrej Says:

    Nice info


  2. Sachin Says:

    Please send me the contact number of Krushnail Water park, Donje, Pune.

    Please update the same in this website.


  3. Phat article, great looking blog, added it to my favorites!!

  4. when i was a kid, i really enjoyed going up and down on water slides, it is a very enjoyable experience ‘:”

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