A lesson learnt…

May 11, 2008

When the little one started sitting up, often I would doodle for her or sit with her and turn pages of some picture-books. I would normally sit in front of her with the slate/picture-book between us. And in order to keep the drawings straight for her, I would draw upside-down. That is, if I were drawing a balloon, I’d draw the balloon on my side and draw the string upwards, going towards her, just so that she would see it correctly. Similarly, for the picture books, they were always held upside-down just so that she would see the pictures correctly. Correctly? Yes, if only I knew!

When the little one started scribbling/drawing lines on her own, I noticed her strokes would always begin closer to herself and move upwards. I was amused, but I did not realize what was happening 😦 Then one day she called me excitedly to show me a picture of a balloon she had drawn. The balloon was hanging upside down, or so I thought. Same with flowers, they were drawn upside-down. The flowers were at the bottom of the page with the stems going up. Exactly the way I drew 🙂 And it wasn’t only the drawings. Left on her own, she would hold the picture books upside-down 😦 Always.

One evening I tried to reason with her and tried to show her why the balloon should be drawn the other way round. She promptly drew it upside-down, turned the page and said ‘Dekho correct ho gaya!’. Hmm…this wasn’t going to be easy. Even to this day, she holds the book both ways, and mostly in her first instinct upside-down, and goes about turning pages and merrily spinning stories around pictures.

I’ve learnt my lesson and stopped sitting in front of her whenever we do any activity together. We sit together. Side-by-side. Period.


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