May 18, 2008

Babes : Mamma cycle nahin mil rahi. (Mamma, I can’t find the cycle)
Me : Store room mein hai. (Its in the store room)
Babes : Tum chalo na, wahan andheraa hai.  (You come along, its dark there)
Me : To?  Jao jaldi se le kar aao.  Brave girl. (So?  Go get the cycle quicklyBrave girl)
Babes : Nahin, mujhe dar lagata hai.  Light jala do pehle. (No, I’m scared.  Switch on the light)
Me : (getting up to switch on the light) Ok…
Babes : (shrieking) nahiiiin, mujhe aata hai…main jalaoongi.  (Noooo…I know how to switch on the lamp.  I’ll do it myself)

(Runs off and fetches a small stool from the store room, the same room where she was scared to go. Climbs the stool to reach the lamp switch and rides out triumphantly on the tri-cycle.)

Me    : ?????


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